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Learn English Language - The Easy Way
The Program devised by Kesaces is specially for Thai nationals. It offers teachers & educators of Thailand an opportunity to become proficient in English.

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SHIVAM has joined hands with KESACES - KES Academic & Cultural Exchange Society - the international co-operator for India of the following international non-profit educational exchange foundations:

  • Face the World - San Rafael, Calfornia. USA.

  • InterExchange - New York. USA.

  • Au Pair Agentur Isartal - Germany

  • Global Choices Ltd., London

  • MultiKultur, Germany.

We are dedicated to куда пойти в дубае and the promotion of understanding amongst different cultures through educational and cultural exchange programs with these organizations in USA & Europe.

It's our constant endeavor to make available and promote international understanding through development and implementation of affordable intercultural and educational work/training opportunities. Through this medium we are able to provide the participants a unique opportunity to be more than just mere tourists to the host country, but to share the strengths of their own cultures, which helps them in the career & encourages friendships of a lifetime.

We have various education and cultural exchange programs for the age groups of 18 to 45 years. Following are the programs which we conduct for our various sponsoring foundations.

  • Au Pair Program USA Sponsored by InterExchange, New York for girls from 18 years to 26 years.

  • Educare Program USA sponsored by Au Pair Foundation, California for girls from 18 - 26 years.

  • Au Pair Program Germany sponsored by Au Pair Agentur Isartal, Germany for girls from 18 - 26 years.

  • Work & Travel Program USA sponsored by American Work Adventures, California for current college / university students from 18 to 28 years.

  • Camp Counselor Program USA Sponsored by American Work Adventures, California for adults from 19 years onwards.

  • Volunteer India Program

  • Volunteer Thailand Program

  • Teach and Train Thai Teachers and educators to improve proficiency in English Language.

Program Details

Shivam offers teachers and educators of Thailand an opportunity to become proficient in English language. The interested teachers will undergo English Language classes in Chandigarh city in North India. The teaching plans offered by us will suit each teacher and educator desirous of learning English from the basics or improving his/ her English skills to Satisfactory / Fluent level.

We have various programs to suit each ones requirement.

  1. Module - 1
    Teach English Program for Beginners.

  2. Module - 2
    Teach English Program for those participants who can read and write easy words but can not speak and pronounce the words in a correct way. The vocabulary of English words of such participants is also very low.

  3. Module - 3
    Teach English Program for those participants who know English to satisfactory level but are no so good in Grammar. Under this module the stress will be given on English Grammar and its usage.

  4. Module - 4
    Teach English Program for those participants who want to improve their proficiency level in written and spoken English.

Program Duration

Each of these Modules will of 3 months duration. There will be 2 classes every day of 90 minutes each, 5 day a week.


The faculty who will be teaching the participants will be highly experienced in teaching English Language.

Each Module Price of 3 months duration will be Baht 25,000.

Fee includes

  1. Teaching in air-conditioned classrooms.

  2. Living accommodation on twin sharing basis and 3 meals a day.

  3. Free airport transfers from Delhi to Chandigarh.

  4. Teaching with audio and visuals aids.

To know more about these programs and for any further enquiries you are welcome to contact us