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Volunteer Program in Thailand

Thai culture includes not only the traditional values of Chinese but also Asians and the Indians too. Discover the Ubon Ratchathani province, its culture, traditions and lifestyle.

Thailand's Cultural Heritage

It is influenced by two great cultures of Asia, Chinese and Indian. In everyday life, Chinese culture has mixed very well with the Thai, whereas in Thai court culture, which has been based mainly on Москва-Сити цена экскурсии на смотровую площадку and Buddhism and Brahmanism, India has exerted a strong influence. Much of Thailand's royal tradition is also rooted in Indian culture.

Thai Customs and Traditions

It lies in the family, whose structure is of bilateral descent. Like the Chinese and some other Asian peoples, the young are taught to pay respect to and follow the admonitions of parents, elders, teachers and Buddhist monks who, in the old days, formed a highly educated class.

Ubon Ratchathani Province

Ubon Ratchathani has been a well established community for hundreds of years. Relatively unknown to the most tourists, the province boasts a number of natural wonders, cultural and historical attractions, national parks, silk producing, waterfalls, and the two-colored river, etc.

The province is renowned for its strong Buddhist tradition, particularly the practice of forest-dwelling monks and the ancient Buddhist temples, which can still be seen throughout the province today.


Ubon is approximately 630 kilometers northeast of Bangkok. A gateway to Laos, Ubon Ratchathani is bordered to the east by the Mekong River and Laos, to the south by Cambodia, to the west by Yasothon and Sisaket Provinces and to the north by Amnat Charoen Province.

How to reach Ubon

It is well connected by air, railways and air-con buses from Bangkok. By air it is a 1 hour journey and by rail and road it is an overnight journey.

Why chose Ubon

Shivam KESACES wanted to provide its esteemed clientele a unique and different volunteering experience and that is why after months of research we chose to operate our Volunteer projects from Ubon Ratchathani .Ubon is a calm and peaceful city having plenty of natural beauty with all the facilities of a modern well developed and well connected city.


Working For Children-In The Ubon City And Arond

Eco-Volunteering In Khao Pra Wiham National Park 80 Kms From Ubon City Near Border Of Combodia

PROGRAM I: Working with School Children

Educational and Cultural Exchange Projects in Govt. Schools in Ubon Ratchthani. These students in these schools are from the poor strata of the society. The students and teachers alike in such Govt. schools are keen to learn English language and other European and American cultures.

Accommodation and Food

Home stay is the most popular type of accommodation suitable for the participants for the Projects for Working with School Children. The locations are mostly in residential areas of the city. Here you will be staying as a paying guest with the host family. The host family gives the part of house and provides with food and room. The rooms are mostly on twin sharing basis. Families may offer a private room and bathroom but this is not a rule; the candidate may be asked share the room and or bathroom with another family member.

Food provided by the host family will mostly be Thai food. And most of the dishes are non-vegetarian. Their most common dishes are chicken cooked in some sauces and boiled rice. The food is light on stomach and easy to digest.

PROGRAM II: Eco-Volunteering

Eco Volunteering is working with an aim to sustain Ecotourism, conserve the environment, for the well-being of local people, wildlife and fauna and flora.

Benefits of Eco-volunteering

The Eco Volunteer work helps the participant to have a better understanding of unique natural as well as cultural environment and community around the world. As a concept, eco-volunteer is a form of nature-based work in national Park focusing on environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability criteria. Projects for Eco-volunteering:

We have following 3 Volunteer Projects at Khao Pra Wihan National Park.

  1. Helping the National Park officials in producing the advertising materials from Thai language to other languages like English, German and French etc. to promote the ecotourism for this National Park because Ecotourism is strongly linked to Thailand's national parks and other protected areas.

  2. To participate in the plantation projects in the National Park.

  3. To participate in Project to conserve Wild Orchids, an endangered specie.

Accommodation and Food

The Eco-Volunteers will stay at the headquarters of Khao Pra Wihan National Park. The management of the national park will provide Eco-volunteers with a self contained cottage having sitting area, furnished bedroom with bathrooms and a kitchen with a cooking help who will prepare food, mostly Thai non-vegetarian food for the volunteers.

Visa Information

The participating volunteer will get the tourist visa from his/ her home country, valid till the period of intended stay/ volunteer assignment. The endorsements to work as volunteers if necessary will be arranged by us once you reach Thailand.


  • Anyone from age group of 18- 60 years.

  • Basic English Language conversation skills.

How To Apply For Volunteer program

  • Fill the application form in English and send it along with a non refundable US$50 application processing fee.

  • You will receive an acknowledgment as a proof of your payment and an acceptance letter for the program.

  • You will be asked to pay the program fee.

  • Once we will find you the placement we will send you the official offer together with our Terms and Conditions.

  • You have to sign both and return to Shivam - KESACES.

  • Placement with friends, partners and other family members can be arranged on request.

  • Apply for a Tourist visa in your home country.

  • Confirm your arrival date.

  • You are Welcome to Thailand.


The volunteer programs are available throughout year. We must receive your application form at least 1 month before your intended start date.

Participants from Europe (Shenanigan Countries & Switzerland)
Contact Program Promoters at: http://www.multikultur.info

Participants from United Kingdom:
Contact Program Promoters at: http://www.globalchoices.co.uk

All other participants to please contact KESACES Office in Thailand at shivamthai@www.kesaces.org

What the Program fee Includes

  • Volunteer Work placement.

  • Arrange for accommodation.

  • General orientation about the culture and customs in Thailand.

Full-time support in Thailand.

Program fee does not include

  • Return airline ticket to Thailand.

  • Expense of reaching to your city of placement i.e. Ubon.

  • Accommodation and food as Home stay Guests on twin sharing basis will be provided for US$ 200 per month.

  • Travel and medical insurance

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Full refund of the program fees if Shivam - KESACES is not able to find placement in 60 days.

  • For cancellations after placement is confirmed partial refund made after a deduction of US$100.

  • No refund will be possible once the applicant has arrived in Thailand. No exceptions will be made for any reason, including dislike of host city, accommodations, or volunteer placement or homesickness.

Add-on's to the Program

  1. Meditation classes can be arranged at a fee of US$ 200 per month.

  2. Thai language classes for interested participants at a fee of US$ 200 per month.

  3. Weekend sight seeing tours as per requirement, interest and budget for spending for such trip.

Visit to any other tourist or historical places will be arranged at additional fee.


Certificates and Momento

Each participant will be given Certificate of Volunteering after finishing the volunteer assignment. All participants will be presented with a momento in appreciation of their volunteer services.

Our Mission

To win you as a friend and keep you for life.

Other useful information

  • The air fare from Bangkok to Ubon ranges from Bhat 1900 to 2600 depending upon the airline and time of flight.

  • The rail or bus fare from Bangkok to Ubon is about Bhat 600-700.

  • The booking for the air tickets can be arranged by the Sponsors Shivam - KESACES on request by the participants.

  • Thailand is a Buddhist nation where respect, tolerance and patience are deeply rooted. Thus, respecting the Thai way of life is easy and pleasant to follow.

  • Buddha images are sacred and any act of perforation is punishable by law by imprisonment and this applies to locals as well as foreigners.

  • The King and Queen and the Royal Family are greatly respected by Thais. No one without exception can be tolerated when they show any form of disrespect for them.

When visiting temples, please take of your footwear. Visitors with untidy and improper attire will not be allowed entry in the temples. No women are allowed to touch a Buddhist monk, not even his robe.

Contact Us:

Shivam - KESACES, 82 Phon Phen road.
Ubon Ratachathani. 34000.
Phone: +66 (0) 45 240782, 245719
E-mail: shivamthai@www.kesaces.org,
Mobile: +66 (0) 942 46542